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Channels work together on a single platform, creating an unified customer experience.
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Totaldocs is a cloud communication platform which improves the customer and business journey through a smart and flexible multichannel communication environment. You can choose from personalized templates, documents, emails, SMS and design your own Communication Project Workflow.

Our platform can assist you in several phases Totaldocs can be plugged to core systems as ERP, CRM and AI

  • Creation of customized and responsive campaigns (templates, landing pages, e-mail marketing actions)
  • Product delivery (legal documents, policies, letters, statements, invoices)
  • Support for billing (invoice, follow up)
  • Maintenance of channels in B2B and B2C relations (notice letters, alerts, cancellations)
  • Upsales and cross sales

Ideal solutions for your business How we work

  • We analyze the current situation of your company
  • We identify where we can contribute to the improvement of the process
  • We implement the improvements by integrating with Totaldocs platform and training your staff
  • We provide full support

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