Digital Document Sending

In just 3 steps you can send your generated documents to your clients. All sendings are made by email, with or without attachments, which allows for tracking and guarantee of delivery.

Track all your sendings

With the detailed reports offered by Totaldocs, you can track the delivery of the sent documents using the emails. Find out if your client received the email with the document, opened the message, clicked some link, among other information.

Need to generate your documents to send?

We can develop for you. Get to know our feature of Cloud Composition.

You can also

Create and customize emails

With Totaldocs drag'n drop creation tools, you can easily create email templates for sending your documents without the need for HTML programming. Emails can be customized with your clients' data to give them a personal experience.

Generate automated actions

Relationship actions can be configured based on client interactions with your sendings. Get to know our feature of Communication Workflow.

Retrieve generated and sent documents

All documents generated and sent by Totaldocs are stored for retrieval and resend. Get to know our feature of Storage and Retrieval.

Digitally certify the documents

Your documents can be certified before sending. To learn how to enable this feature, please contact our team.

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